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Artist Bio.

I was born in 1982 among the blue-green hills of Northern NSW. After finishing high-school I left Australia and settled into a nomadic kind of existence, never living in the one place for more than six months. After spending the first half of my 20s traveling between different cities in New Zealand, North Africa and Europe I settled in Australia to undertake a BA majoring in Anthropology at Melbourne University. During this degree I explored my interests in ritual and rites of passage, ecstatic experiences, post-colonialism, contemporary Australian art and the evolution and philosophy of consciousness. After completing my BA I traveled for a year through South America, Europe and Southeast Asia. I kept journals and visual diaries as a way of processing my experiences and recording my encounters with other people, cultures and landscapes. While limiting in its material constraints, this was a very productive and creative time, and was instrumental in shifting my art practice from something reflexive, automatic and cathartic to a more considered and intellectual endeavor. Upon my return, I commenced a BA of Fine Art at the Victorian Collage of the Arts. This was a challenging and illuminating time; everything I thought I knew and loved about art was pulled apart and remade. During my degree I exhibited in numerous group shows and curated several exhibitions independently and as part of a collective. I received the Fiona Myer Award for my graduation work and had a painting purchased for the Union Art Collection. After graduating I have exhibited solo, in group shows and as part of curated exhibitions. In 2018 I returned to study, completing my honours year at Federation University in Ballarat where I currently live and work as a professional photographer and fine art educator.

Melbounre artist Ebony Gulliver

Image courtesy of the fabulous Emma Roberts Photography

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