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Compression: Very Recent Collages

Rubicon ARI, Melbourne 2023

A spontaneous and intuitive body of work that reimagines old paintings and drawings from the last eight years of practice. 


Threads of Connections: When Energies Converge and Matter Blooms into Material Assemblages

Coliseum ArtWalk, Ballarat 2023

A curatorial exploration of the material traces of social and creative ecologies. Made in collaboration with my students, in celebration of reciprocity and exchange.


Thinking Body, Feeling Mind

The Art Gallery of Ballarat - Backspace, 2023

This exhibition continues my interest in the embodied and affective nature of perception and consciousness. Intensely layered, these rich and vibrant compositions use linear perspective and repeated lines and patterns to create a sense of energy and movement. 



Animated Architectures

Five Walls, Melbourne, 2022

Animated Architectures is an immersive installation that transforms the sensory deprivation chamber of the white cube into winding corridors of colour.

Copy of EbonyGuilliver_Portals&Portholes(WEB)(lowresWEB)-25.jpg


Portals and Portholes

Five Walls, Melbourne, 2020

Portals and Portholes is the first in a series of exhibitions collectively titled Sensual Aesthetics. These happenings are dedicated to exploring the embodied nature of perception through the lens of contemporary non-objective art practice. 



Ecologies of Time

Rubicon ARI, Melbourne, 2018


Ebony Gulliver and Louise Meuwissen share a fascination for the nature of time. In their respective practices, times incessant ever-presence and irreversibility are symbolised by the arrow, the circle, and intricate interlacing forms. These motifs draw upon mythical, philosophical and scientific interpretations of the rhythms observable in nature and mirrored in the human body. 



Collab Gallery, Sydney. 2017


A curated exhibition featuring the work of 7 contemporary non-objective painters from across Australia. 


"Shapeshifters tests the waters of contemporary abstraction. Modular, layered paintings, prints and collage play with surface and depth, and consider the hand of the artist."

Here in the Undergrowth-VH_96.jpg


Here in the Undergrowth

Blindside, Melbourne. 2016

A curated exhibition including the work of nine regional artists from Victoria and New South Wales. "Traversing neon, sound, photography, installation and painting, this project highlights what has been flourishing in the undergrowth, and opens up a discussion about the relationship between the arts communities of metropolitan and regional areas." 

                                                                               Photos by Verity Haywood   

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