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Ball Pit

Ball Pit is a 30 meter long, site specific wall mural painted in early 2022. The work was commissioned as part of the Geelong Women's Street Art Project. Designed to vibrate, "bounce" and dance as people navigate the long narrow pedestrian tunnel, the mural is experientially rich and optically charged.     




Orange and Blue

Orange and Blue is a large scale, site specific pavement mural painted for the City of Ballarat in early 2021. The work is designed to vibrate, shift and change as the visitor moves through and across the mural - with different colours and geometric patterns appearing and disappearing from each new perspective. 


The Gates

The Gates is a large scale mural marking the entranceway to the Lost Ones Makers Studio in Ballarat. Painted in early 2021, the work was conceived as a portal or gateway. The mural, 6 meters x 2.4 meters, spans two dividing walls, at first disguising and then revealing the entry way to the individual studio spaces. 




Mural Archive

This archive contains a selection of past artworks and installations that relate to my mural painting practice. If not murals themselves, these works share common threads - being site specific, large scale and interactive. 

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