Through my art practice I am interested in exploring the physiological, emotional and psychological complexities of consciousness. Through the creation of layered compositions that incorporate different textures, materials, geometric patterns and perspectival logics, I hope to open up a space for the consideration of the embodied nature of perception. My work is informed by my research in the fields of anthropology, philosophy and consciousness studies. Each body of work I create is a dedicated exploration of a unique facet of my interests, with thinking and making inextricably linked in my process. At the heart of my practice is a fascination with our affective, visceral engagement with art and the world. 

Ebony Gulliver


• 2020 to present - Fine Art Educator, Oxygen College, Ballarat
• 2016 to present - Co-founder and co-director of Pretty Flamingo Photography


• 2019 - Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

• 2018 - Creative Arts Honours, Federation University, Ballarat
• 2011 – 2013 Bachelor of Fine Art (Painting), Victorian Collage of the Arts

• 2006 – 2009 Bachelor of Arts (Anthropology), Melbourne University

Exhibition History

2021: Orange and Blue, mural commission for Ballarat City Council, Ballarat

2021: The Gates, mural commission for The Lost Ones Makers Studio, Ballarat

2020: Sensual Aesthetics: Portals and Portholes, Five Walls, Melbourne

2018: Benchmark18, Post Office Gallery, Ballarat

2018: Ecologies of Time (with Louise Mewissen), Rubicon ARI, Melbourne
2018: Impossible Objects // Improbable Spaces (solo), Backspace Gallery, Ballarat
2017: Shapeshifters (curated by Heather Tralaggan & Susannah Smith), Collab Gallery, Sydney

2016: Here in the Undergrowth (curated by Verity Hayward), Blindside, Melbourne

2016: The Union Collection: Recent Acquisitions 2012-2016, George Paton Gallery, Melbourne

2014: The Future’s Past (solo), Seventh Gallery, Melbourne
2014: Love Feast (hosted by Kalinda Vary & Erin Crouch ), Knight Street Art Space, Melbourne 2014: Food For Thought (performance with Kalinda Vary), Technopia Tours: Feminist Art Bus (FAB) Ride, Melbourne

2013: Melbourne Uni Mural Project, Melbourne Uni, South Lawn car park entrance 2013: Inhabitation, VCA Student Gallery, Melbourne

Curatorial Projects

2013: Bad Choir (co-curated by Kalinda Vary), The Gasometer Hotel, Melbourne
2013: Conversation Piece, George Paton Gallery, Melbourne
2013: Inhabitation (co-curated by Lorilee Yang), VCA Student Gallery, Melbourne
2013: CO-ED: Duality in Practice (co-curated by Louise Meuwissen, Joshua Stevens & Zac St. Clair), VCA Student Gallery, Melbourne